Lady Gaga visits Polaroid @ MIT

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4 Days, 17 hours, and 13 minutes

till Trakstar and GagaTV are unlock maybe?!??!


The artpop app as bump up the 10 to 9 days we had left till TrakStar and GagaTV were unlock to now an astounding 66 days! I’m so angry!! I jinx it by bringing it to everyone’s attention! Also the DWUW video probably contributed to it. Endless wait & punishment for fans who can’t see her in concert!!

So here’s my run-down

- early Thursday morning Do What U Want was teased in a 20+ second video by TMZ
(Hours past)
- TMZ live streams on their show? new clips in extended preview of the video
(Hours past)
- full video shown somewhere on some site? But it’s taken down immediately.
(Hours past)
- tumblr,as always—giffed every single part, in every imaginable edit, in HIGH QUALITY yet no one knows or have seen the full video?

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Oh, well.